Ryan L. Foster

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My strategic approach to content development, design, user interaction, and programming has given companies like Aol, United Airlines, Herman Miller, O.C. Tanner, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints the tools that they need to get noticed. And, help their audience find information they need, and discover products they want to buy.


Case StudyO.C. Tanner Presents Yearbook™

Celebrating Milestone Achievements in style

O.C. Tanner, an 85 year old company specializing in crafting employee recognition programs, wanted to give their keystone, 45 million dollar program a much needed facelift. They wanted a site that addressed their green company clients need for a digital offering that mirrored the printed yearbook product. I delivered with a responsive site that looks beautiful on a variety of mobile platforms. The result delivered in excess of 3 million dollars in new booked business within the first 2 months of launch.

Case StudyI'm a Mormon

LDS Church launches their nationwide "un-weird" campaign

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints wanted to launch an innovative social campaign, allowing their members to introduce themselves to the world and explain in their own words why "I'm a Mormon", in an effort to combat lingering public perception that Mormons are "weird". After the successful launch of this site, which gets millions of unique visits a year, I was brought in to address the needs of their mobile audience. The development and launch campaign generated 20,000 additional unique visits within the first month of the m. delivery.

Case StudyHealthcare Insights

Creating a Nucleus of Analytics

Verisk Health wanted to streamline their core offerings for Dental, Medical, and Pharma analytics into a comprehensive platform, giving their customers comprehensive insights across all business divisions. The approach was simple: improve fraud prevention through next generation technology and advanced analytic models. By developing an enhanced user-interface, interactive charts and a unique provider-scoring algorithm what was created was the most advanced, user-friendly payment accuracy solution ever built.

Case StudyLifestore by Aol.

The best solutions for your everyday life needs

Aol. had been using a customized version of OFBiz to run their Lifestore product that had become very top-heavy. I was brought in to assist their internal development teams with optimizing the core of the platform, as well as work to develop a lighter-weight and extendible platform for their next generation launch of this highly profitable product.

Case StudyWebguard. Net Nanny Protection for Mobile

Do you know what your child is viewing or downloading on their phone or mobile device? The Net Nanny for Android with App management keeps them safe from viewing inappropriate material and allow you to choose what apps are loaded on the device. ContentWatch, the makers of the popular Net Nanny internet monitoring software needed a clean interface for their web-based admin console, as well as screen-flows and mockups for their native Android and iPhone apps. The interfaces had to be fluid enough that they could be easily customized for their white-label product customers.

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